WSEDC Pilot Manitoba Immigration Initiative Application

For direct applicants ONLY!

If you are an Immigration Agency/Consultant, please DO NOT use this form, please get in touch with our office.

*NOTE: Only Applications that meet the Initiative Eligibility will be reviewed and notified.
To learn more about the WSEDC Pilot Manitoba Immigration Initiative, please click here.

Application Status: CLOSED.
We have received our allot 200 applications for April 1, 2024 and the portal is now closed.
After review should there be space available in the program we will update this page on May 15, 2024 with our next opening date.

JOBS IN HIGH DEMAND: Mechanics, Welders, Production/Manufacturing/Assembly, Machine Operators, Teachers Assistants, Food Services, Meat Processors/Butchers, Nurses Aides and Other Occupations Assisting in Healthcare.

**NOC's identified as in-demand for our region have space/eligibility limits, your application may not advance for review even if you meet the minimum requirements of the program.


Please Note - As the WSEDC Pilot Manitoba Immigration Initiative has an allotment of 150 applicants for 2024, because demand is high, the portal closes quickly. If you encounter this, please know that the program is still open for the year. Once the total of 150 has been met, you will see a notice that indicates the application portal is closed for the year.

*Only Applications that meet the Initiative Eligibility will be reviewed and notified for an interview, all others will be notified via email and will be advised to explore other avenues of Immigration.

To learn more about the WSEDC Pilot Manitoba Immigration Initiative, please click here.