Frequently Asked Questions​​

We receive a high volume of questions about immigration. Before contacting us, please ensure that your question is not answered in another part of this website. Here are some common FAQ’s

Do I qualify?
​Applications will not be considered if they do not meet minimum qualifications for their intended NOC. In order to qualify you must meet basic eligibility.


No. A language test is required. See eligibility and language proficiency link.


Unfortunately, time constraints do not allow for this. Please understand the program qualifications before deciding whether to apply.


Top applicants are those that meet the programs minimum qualifications, have work experience that fits the labour needs of our region, and who have a connection to our area through family or friends or who show a strong desire to stay here for the long-term.

*Please note - NOC's identified as in-demand for our region have space limits, your application may not advance for review even if you meet the minimums of our program.


A survey completed yearly by our business community to determine labour demands within the Winkler/Stanley region.
To get an idea of what occupations are in demand in our region please visit:

MPNP requires applicants applying through our program to be "Labour Market Ready" this means you need to have the education, experience and relevant English level required for that NOC to be able to fill the role and start work immediately upon arrival to the Winkler/Stanley region.

Skilled Manufacturing Positions: CLB 5-6
Office Support: CLB 6
Education/Healthcare: CLB 6-7
Retail/Service Industry: CLB 6-7
Sales/Leadership/IT: CLB 8

Our program is designed for those living outside of Canada, however if you are in Canada as a Visitor ONLY you may still apply.


The length of time varies due to variable processing times at our office, MPNP and at the Federal Government level.


There is no stated deadline, however the limited number of spots available each year does determine when the submission window closes for the year.


There is no cost to apply through WSEDC. However, when applying directly to our office, much of the application work is your responsibility. If you do come for an exploratory visit, all travel and accommodation costs are your responsibility. There will be costs from MPNP and Federal levels for application processing which are also your responsibility.

Documents required in the application are: Resume, Educational Documents (in English) and a current (within 2 years) IELTS test.


If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can begin the process through this website or through an immigration consultant of your choice.


*** We are not affiliated with any Immigration Representative nor do we give preferential treatment to applicants who have hired an Immigration Representative. If you do choose to hire an Immigration Representative to assist you in completing your application, please refer to the IMPORTANT LINKS section to for information on making an informed choice. ***

We limit the amount of applications we intake each time to be able to process them in a timely manner. With this if your application is not working to submit it is because we have received the max allotment of applications for this round. 

Your application should be reviewed within 3-4 months.  Should you not hear from our office within this time, your application has not been approved and will not be moving on. At that time we encourage you to look into other Immigration avenues.

Prior to arrival, you will receive some information to help you arrange things in advance. Your first consideration should be where to live. Once you are here, you will receive an onboarding appointment with “Regional Connections” a local organization who will help you with things like registering children for school, tax forms, health insurance application, permanent accommodations and English classes.

WSEDC does not accept telephone inquiries from applicants, instead please correspond by email
using our contact form if your questions are not answered on our website.

Only people who have been formally authorized by the applicant may communicate with the
program about a Winkler Immigration application.