WSEDC Announced Intent To Hire BDIO


The Winkler Stanley Economic Development Corporation (WSEDC) was founded in 1959 as the “Winkler Industrial Development Co Ltd.” and in 2009 the RM of Stanley joined this corp. and it was changed to the current Winkler Stanley Economic Development Corporation, as both municipalities recognized that working together was imperative to help facilitate growth in the region as a whole. Winkler/Stanley is an area of constant progression and the WSEDC board recognizes the need in our region. 

The WSEDC board is excited to announce our intent to hire a Business Development & Immigration Officer. This program is supported and jointly funded by the RM of Stanley and the City of Winkler. 

The Business Development & Immigration Officer (BDIO) will work with business, government and community partners for the purpose of facilitating and advocating growth for Winkler/Stanley’s workforce with a focus on Migration and Immigration to our region, and to position Winkler/Stanley as the location of choice for the purpose of Local Business expansion and attracting new business investment. 

We anticipate the BDIO to listen closely to our business community and hear what is needed from them. 

We thank the City of Winkler and the RM of Stanley for the continued investment into economic growth for our region. 

For further information, contact: 

Leah Klassen, Board Chair – WSEDC, Email: